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C (6 - 6.5)
B (0.6 - 0.9)
Medium (150 - 200 ppm)
Dry to Moderate
B (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
B (65 - 72º Fahrenheit)
B (50 - 60º Fahrenheit)
Plant for Spring through Summer Finish. Standard ppp.
Starting Materials: 
4-5" and Quart Pot : 5-6 weeks
6" and Gallon Pot : 6-8 weeks
7-9" Pot : 8-10 weeks
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot : 10-12 weeks
Pinch once at time of transplant or two weeks after transplant, if liners were not pre-pinched. PGR's should not be necessary, but B-9 and Bonzi are effective if needed. Growing dry is also effective at growth control, but do NOT allow containers to get very dry, which can result in leaf burn and leaf drop.
Scout for thrips, whitefly and aphids and treat if necessary. Good sanitation practices include keeping greenhouses clean at all times, eliminating weeds and debris, disinfecting equipment in greenhouses as often as possible and keeping hose ends off of the greenhouse floor. Good water management practices are critical for good, healthy plant growth.
Grower Tips: 
-Drying down the plant will cause wilt, which could lead to leaf burn and leaf drop. Grow on the dry-side, but do not allow the plant to dry out. Growing on the dry-side is effective at controlling growth.
Last to move outside
Award Year Award Plant Trial
2018 Top Performer Penn State

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