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C (6 - 6.5)
Low (100 - 150 ppm)
Moderate to Moist
A (55 - 60º Fahrenheit)
A (55 - 65º Fahrenheit)

Early to Late Summer Finish. Standard ppp.

Starting Materials: 
Bare Roots
6" and Gallon Pot : 8-10

Pinching and growth regulators are not necessary. Cool growing temperatures and high light should produce nicely toned plants.

Standard pest and disease practices as listed in the notes. Watch for aphids, spider mites and thrips, treat accordingly. Watch for crown rot and leaf streak.

Grower Tips: 

-Daylilies are best finished cool to tone plants and increase quality.

-2 gallon daylilies should be bulked one year for sales the next season.

-Going Bananas is more susceptible to cold temperatures when over-wintering bulked plants. Keep temperatures above freezing when over-wintering in containers.

-Do not bury the crown of daylilies with more than 1 inch of growing mix.

-High light levels bring on flowering more so than day length.

-Flowers best under long days with high light intensities.

First to move outside
Cold Beneficial
Photoperiod for Flowering: 
Day Neutral
Photoperiod for Flowering: 
Long Days Beneficial
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