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Winter Flowers for the Sunbelt

If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the country where winter means it never freezes, then you are a lucky gardener!

Flambe®  Yellow


Osteospermum Series

Perhaps you live in a part of the country where winter means it never freezes, or that when it does you measure it in hours instead of days? If so, then you are a lucky gardener because it means you can have flowers all winter! The key temperature to watch out for is 32F degrees, that is when frost becomes likely in the early morning hours, but there are still many plants you can grow that can take an occasional frost and keep your garden looking pretty all winter!

Great winter sunbelt plants aren't bothered by occasional short-term, freezing temperatures. While these plants won't like sustained temperatures in the 20's, they can take a few hours of rather cold temperatures. Good winter sunbelt plants can also take the damp conditions that are sometimes associated with winter in these mild climates. Here are some of our mild winter favorites!

Bright Lights
Osteospermum Series



While our traditional spring flowers, like the Superbells®, Superbena®, and Supertunia® series usually do not flower as heavily in the winter, they do grow and build up their size all winter in the sunbelt. Why wait until spring? Plant these plants now so they are big and beautiful in spring!

Calibrachoa Series

Verbena Series

Supertunia®Petunia Series

Two tips to help protect your winter flowers if a frost or freeze is coming:

  1. It always helps to pull some protection over flowers on the coldest nights, like a sheet or light blanket, just to protect them if temperatures drop lower than expected waiting for spring and starting with small plants!
  2. All flowers produced in greenhouses need a few days to a week of adjustment time to get ready for a cold snap. So keep them covered at night or in a somewhat protected area for a week or so before leaving them out in cold weather.
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